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Work & opportunities

We are committed to developing the aspirations and employability skills of our sixth form through activities, links with prestigious organisations and workshops so that they are employment ready at the end of the sixth form.

  • Some of our Sixth Form opportunities include:
  • PwC Mentoring Programme
  • PwC Classroom Workshop
  • Inspirational talks
  • Successful entrepreneur talks
  • PwC Interview Skills Workshop
  • Raising University Aspirations event
  • PwC Financial Awareness Day
  • Lloyds careers opportunities
  • Unimentorprogramme –City University of London
  • The Old Vic Employability Skills Programme
  • Knight Frank talk – Opportunities in the Investment sector
  • Tata Consultancy Employability Skills week
  • Budding Brunel Programme in partnership
  • Work shadowing and experience