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Planned Tube and National Rail Network Strikes

Dear Parents/Carers,

RE: Planned Tube and National Rail Network Strikes: Tuesday 21st June 2022 through to Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

Next week there are planned strikes occurring across the whole of the underground and national railway network and they are scheduled to take place from Tuesday 21st June 2022. The strikes will involve all tube station staff and drivers and the action will last more than 24hrs. Additionally, commencing at the same time, the majority of national rail workers will be striking over three separate days bringing the entire rail network to a halt across much of England and Wales.

This will result in the most significant disruption to public transport in many years; all other forms of transportation, such as buses, and road networks will be under severe strain. As I have stated in my previous letters regarding recent transportation strikes, a significant proportion of our staff and students commute to our school using the tube/overground/train services and so their journeys are going to be impacted upon on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unfortunately, whilst this strike is only scheduled for 24hrs, it is also the case that the disruption will continue into the mid-morning of Wednesday 22nd June 2022. This is due to the displacement of drivers and trains following a day without service. The national rail strike will continue throughout the rest of the week but it is less likely to effect London Schools due to the tube and overground lines being operational from Wednesday afternoon onwards.

Many schools are considering completely closing for the day, or asking specific year groups to stay at home to be taught via remote learning. School closures due to the pandemic over the last two years have negatively impacted young people across the country and so we have decided that it is in the best interests of our students that remain fully open both days for all that can attend.

However, in order to provide enough time for all staff and students to find alternative methods of transportation the school start time on both days will be adjusted in the following way:

Tuesday 21st June 2022
Arrival time for students 10.50am
Start time for all students 11.00am – All students to attend tutor time (registration) straight away
Finish time 3.30pm – No Change
Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Arrival time for students 9.40am
Start time for all students 9.50am – All students to attend tutor time (registration) straight away
Finish time 3.30pm – No Change

Students should attend via the normal gates, and arrive at no later than the start times indicated above and must then make their way to their usual timetabled lesson. In both cases students will attend a 10-minute registration and then commence lessons as normal.

There are a number of public exams taking place on both mornings, the school has put plans in place for this contingency. Therefore, students taking GCSE/A level/Vocational examinations should arrive at the school by no later than 9.10am. Afternoon examination times will not be impacted, although we do ask that students pre plan their journey to ensure they arrive promptly for these.

Please can I ask that all other students not taking exams arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the start times listed above as we cannot guarantee staff will be available to supervise them on the site. This also means that any school clubs and enrichment activities, before and after the school day, will not take place over the two days.

Should the strikes be called off or the situation change at any point, prior to its scheduled start, I will notify you as soon as possible with and update.

Yours sincerely