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School Student Librarians


Role of Student Librarians

Organising student librarians to help with the library not only ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the library, but also helps develop a sense of responsibility, achievement and self-esteemin children. Student librarian duties are carried out to a maximum of 2 per week during their break and lunch times, following a rota that is on display in the library.

Librarians duties:

  • Help in the library at set times agreed with the librarian
  • Shelve fiction books in A-Z Author surname order
  • Aid in the issuing and the returning of resources
  • Help other students find what books they are looking for
  • Any other jobs which help the librarian

Student librarians are:

  • Reliable
  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Cheerful
  • Sensible
  • Enthusiastic

Student librarians also:

  • Enjoy working with computers
  • Are willing to help others
  • Have an interest in books
  • Enjoy thinking on your feet
  • Enjoy helping other people
  • Have good communication skills

Our current librarians 

Being a librarian has been a privilege, it means I get to show students where to find books, how to use the computers and I help keep the library a safe and tidy place. Having a library is one of the most amazing things you could have in a school. We are very lucky to have a library and to be a student librarian is amazing. Being a librarian for the last 2 years has allowed me to get to meet authors and help many students find the right book. Overall, being a librarian is great and I love my position. -Moses Yr9

Being a part of the library is what I believe to be one of the greatest opportunity this school has, it feels great helping out behind the desk and aiding students with the intent of borrowing or returning books and being able to answer any questions. -Adam Yr9


I like being a librarian because I know that I’m in a trustworthy and responsible position. Being a librarian is honourable to me and really enjoyable as I get to help other students and I know how rewarding that can be. I do two shift a week and have done this for a year now. At the end of each day I know that as a librarian I have done good by other students. -Alysha Yr8

Being a librarian means so much to me. I love reading, so being involved in a community of other book lovers is amazing! I love being able to talk to other people about books I’ve recently read and other book-related conversations. I enjoy helping students find their next read or helping them with any other library related problems. Being a librarian for the last year has been a privilege for me and I honestly love it so much! -Talia Yr8

Being a student librarian in our school library has given me many experiences such as interacting with friends, helping people, using my social skills and by learning new leadership skills. It is an area in our school where we feel safe and always welcome to be in. I've been a student librarian since the beginning of year 8 and I still like being a librarian. Being chosen to be a librarian out of many students has made me feel privileged and I don’t know what it would be like if I wasn’t a student librarian. Being a student librarian has given me many opportunities. The best thing is seeing everyone who has been with us since the beginning, its like our mini school family, also our librarian is the best. She always makes me smile and I am very grateful that I was chosen to be a librarian because I have learnt so much. -Prisha Yr10

Being a librarian is a very enjoyable and educational experience for me. It has helped make school feel like something to look forward to more. It also makes the library feel like a brighter place and like your own place that you feel safe and in control. I enjoy helping the year 7 ‘s in reading, looking for a great read, using the computers and logging in (sorting out passwords) as well as leading students in the correct library behaviour.
I managed to do 2 shift a week, during lunch and break, helping out when I can. -Daniel Yr10

As a librarian, I have gotten to develop many skills and abilities, such as:

  • Leadership,
  • Hospitality,
  • and a whole lot more.

Also, being a librarian is great fun and opens many doors in school and real life. -Mario Yr9

Being a librarian is a very enjoyable and educational experience. It has helped make school feel like something to look forward to a lot more. I have been a librarian for two years and have really enjoyed it. I remember going to another school to complete a student librarian course with the other student librarians that was great and we learnt how to deal with difficult situations. I have also just spent my summer holidays volunteering in a public library. Being a librarian here also makes the library feel like a brighter place and like your own place you feel safe and in control. -Jaffar Yr9

Being a librarian is an amazing experience which has helped me develop a sense of responsibility. Each week, I do 2 shifts where I help people borrow and return books, as well as help to control the busy library. Our librarian, Mrs Smith is an extremely supporting and friendly teacher, who does her best to make school in general an enjoyable experience. We are taken on many trips including Foyles Bookshop and the Warner Bros studios. All in all I am thankful for this opportunity and proud to be a student librarian. -Emmata Yr8

Being a student librarian takes responsibility and being a trustworthy student. I became a librarian on 8th January 2019 and I am still one now. Every week I do 2 shifts and I help other students to borrow or return books. Also, if they need help with anything or need book recommendations, they ask us for whatever they need. The skills I have learnt help me with my reading and being organised. I love being a librarian because you get to learn a tonne of new skills. It is so fun! -Abeer Yr8

”I would like to Express how grateful I am for your help, and the warm welcome you gave to me, one to a place where I felt safe and comfortable... It really helped me to deal with the new environment I was set into. And I hope that my help was of some use too! I got to deal with problems with wonderful people in your library” -Lucas (past student librarian who was here from Brazil on a one year visa -quote from an email)

Being a librarian is something I like doing as I’d love to be a librarian as a adult. I feel that as a student librarian it can prepare me for the real world of jobs. In my role here as a student librarian I can help others and this gives me satisfaction. We have lots of events in our library which makes me feel lucky to be a librarian. I managed to do shifts every week, helping the year 7’s with the right book choices. -Yousuf Yr9

I have been a librarian for over 2 years now and have loved being part of the team we have. Being a librarian has given me a sense of inclusion in St Augustine’s as well as learning the skills I can then take on in my life such as organisation and cooperation. Being a student librarian has also helped me improve my leadership skills as in my role I have opportunities to speak to the younger students about their interests and help them pick out the perfect book. By becoming a student librarian during my GCSE year it helped me organise my time while studying for exams. I have also helped other year 11’s to organise their revision times. I have also tutored students who had their Math GCSE exams coming up as I felt in my role as a student librarian I was able to give more time to those who needed it and in doing so got a lot of self satisfaction. -Nagat Yr13