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Year 8 - Cadbury's World Globalisation Trip

This was a brilliant trip which has run after two years! This is a wonderfully mesmerising, interactive experience, explaining the origins of chocolate, as well as the fascinating history of the Cadbury family. It was a great experience getting students out of London and seeing a chocolate factory. There were some great workshops on where our chocolate comes from and how it is processed as well as Cadbury's delivering a workshop on how the company sources it's ingredients, branding and how it markets their products.

Students had a wonderful time learning about the history of Cadbury's, looking through areas of the museum such as how the product design of packaging has changed over time and vintage collections of Cadbury's items.

Student feedback has been fantastic:

"I loved how we had different experiences with chocolate, we actually saw them making the chocolate and learned about the history of Cadbury, where they get their resources from e.g. cocoa beans and milk and even more!"

"My favorite was the 4D cinema but I also liked the ride, all the cool rooms and basically everything about the place!!!!"