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Year 10 GCSE & Wellbeing Committee Trip to Lords


To mark World Mental Health Day, 40 Year 10 students & senior members of the Wellbeing Committee took a trip to Lord's, the home of cricket. Whilst many had never played cricket before, this didn't stop our students throwing themselves into the Frisbee fielding, hula hoopcatching & teamwork bowling/fielding practice with real enthusiasm! There was healthy competition & a lively spirit of togetherness. Later, hearing from mental health charity Opening Up, established to encourage us all to listen & be the "ultimate teammate", we considered the importance of physical health, focusing on how team work is integral to our mental wellbeing. This connection remains a central theme for our Wellbeing Committee this term.

Our students then sat down with members of the local community, many elderly or vulnerable, sharing stories, photographs, memories & experiences. There were plenty of laughs, lots of questions & a collective sigh of disappointment when we had to leave. The students were incredible & represented the school brilliantly. It was amazing to see them actively listening to those who perhaps needed a little company at this time. We really hope to be part of this initiative again.