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Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to what we are hoping will be an exciting and successful year at St Augustine’s.

Hopefully you have already read about the excellent exam results achieved by so many of our students and we want to continue to build on that success. We believe that there is a spark of greatness, something special and unique in everyone. Our motto is that all students “be the best that they can be.”

New Uniform
I have been really pleased to see how smart our students look in their new uniforms and badges. They are representatives of our school community and it is important to us that they have the correct uniform at all times. If you need support with this then please contact Year Teams.


School Values
As a school with a distinctly Christian Ethos, which welcomes children from all faiths, our set of values are representative of our interactions and relationships with others across the school community. The values we instill in our students therefore shape our lives. Each Tutor group has a value attached to the Saint name. During Collective Worship assemblies this week I have explained to students how their lives will be enriched by displaying these values.

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The Building
As you know we have been welcoming students back this week and they will have seen some changes to the school site. Several parts of the school have been decorated and recarpeted and we hope to do this throughout the school over time. We have also put up new displays that show off the school vision and that encourage the virtues of Faith ,Hope and Love. We have also had a new outdoor gym built and once they have been inducted , students can use this equipment to develop not only their health and fitness but also their wellbeing. All of these improvements are to enable your child to have the best possible experience at the school.



Eugene Moriarty - Headteacher