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Wall of Gratitude


‘Organised by our student led Wellbeing Committee, Wellbeing Week has seen all tutor groups taking part in discussions surrounding mental health. There has been a debate on how we can ‘digitally detox’, how we can get enough sleep & the importance of practising empathy. The committee presented a series of assemblies to each year group with a focus on overall wellbeing & how we can be the best version of ourselves, through practising self-care & not comparing ourselves to others. The committee encouraged everyone within our community to contribute a note of thanks or kindness to our ‘Wall of Gratitude’ - a central part of the week which has really captured the imagination! Students and teaching staff have also completed cards of kindness which they shared with friends, teachers & family members. It has been a real pleasure to see so many smiling faces and positive notes of gratitude, proving that one kind word really can make a huge difference. What a lovely week!’