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Update on the School position following the Prime Minister's announcement

Dear Parents/Carers I hope that you and your families are well. Thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging period. I know it isn't easy for anyone. I wanted to update you on the School position following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday.

Current Position

School continues to be open for a very small number of students whose parents/carers are key workers as part of the national strategy. In order to reduce risk those on site are being asked to practise social distancing and wash hands regularly. The school is being regularly cleaned and this follows a thorough deep cleaning programme throughout the school a few weeks ago.

The vast majority of students and staff are being asked to continue to work from home and follow the home learning programme that is being planned and delivered by staff. We are regularly reviewing Show My Homework and looking at student work patterns. I would ask that you continue to support and encourage your child's home learning if you are able to do this.

I fully appreciate how new and challenging this all is and request that you contact your child's Year Team if you are having difficulties of any sort. Whether it is a difficulty logging on, difficulty with the work or any other issue - we are here to help... read more here.