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Roald Dahl Reward Trip

IMG 4105 Maria SMITH2

Students came face-to-face with The Fantastic Mr Fox, measured up to their Roald Dahl heroes, pulled a power pose next to Matilda and discovered Roald Dahl's famous Writing Hut - the birthplace of our favourite characters - at the Museum of the World's No.1 Storyteller.

Students got to explore the Roald Dahl Archives and learnt how Roald Dahl himself used ways to create his characters as well as finding out how many ways are there to be creative.

In their session, students found out more about the creative processes that Roald Dahl used by trying out the same kinds of activities, explored different creative versions of the Mr Fox’s story, and made their own version of a room from the Chocolate Factory. Students worked together closely and created something amazing!