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Message to Parents/Carers from Westminster Council

Dear Parents/Carers
Communicating with families, children and young people during COVID-19
The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is of deep concern to everyone and many of you may be feeling concerned about the future or worried about your families, finances or food. We want to reassure you that Westminster are committed to supporting families, children and young people during this period.

You can access up to date support, advice and updates to local services via our Family Information Service. We will add any relevant updates from specific services as they become available. For general information from the council regarding COVID-19, please visit Westminster’s coronavirus advice and information pages. Here you can also sign up to digital updates for the latest on our coronavirus response, which are sent daily.

If you are concerned about a child, please phone us on 020 7641 4000 or email For urgent help as a result of COVID-19, please phone 020 7641 1222 or email us.

Your local council and the community are here to reassure and support you during these uncertain times.