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Increased police presence in and around key routes used by pupils

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,
I am writing to inform you of an increased police presence in and around key routes used by pupils to travel to and from school. We are aware of a number of robberies in the area and have implemented a policing plan aiming to prevent these from occurring. From analysis of intelligence and information provided by victims, witnesses, members of the public and local police we will be deploying in the local area in full uniform but also in plain clothes. One of the tactics that may be used is ‘Stop and Search’ should the grounds exist.

We are aware that this tactic is not infallible but we will be tasked and briefed using the most up to date information and intelligence available. Any use of ‘Stop and Search’ will be recorded on Body Worn Video (this is retained for 28 days) and the officers will offer any person searched a copy of a 5090, which is a form outlining why the person was searched. There will be supervisors on patrol with officers and they can be identified by chevrons on their shoulders... read more here.

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