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Importance of Geography in Today’s World of Work

5 business volunteers, who studied geography and hold different roles now (architecture, place shaping and planning) at Westminster City Council, delivered a presentation to our year 9 students to highlight the important role geography plays in the world of work. The event was organised by our Careers Lead following a request from the geography department. The timing of it coincided nicely with career planning for students as it happened just before options evening.


Students had the opportunity to listen to all speakers before a Q and A session was opened to look into:

- Why they took Geography at GCSE?
- Did they take it to A Level or university?
- What university did they go to and what did they study?
- What has their career path been like? How did they end up doing a Geography related job/ career?
- How does Geography link to their jobs?
- What about Geography do they find interesting?
- What other careers would they have chosen within Geography if they wanted to change careers?

Feedback from year 9 students:

75% of students said the talk helped them decide if they want to take GCSE Geography and more than 50% consider taking it now in year 10.

‘It showed us how geography can help in everyday life and lead to different career routes’Ahmad
‘It was informative and outlined the career choices I would have available if I took GCSE Geography.’ Hiba
‘It showed the creativity side of geography’Mario

Feedback from the head of geography:

‘It was absolutely fantastic from all the guest speakers! Students were really engaged and interested in the roles and experience of the speakers with the number of questions they had. it has certainly got students talking and thinking about career paths and opportunities right on their doorstep. It would be great if some of the students could go to their offices or look further at what the role entails/ development projects that they have developed around the area (walking tour).‘
Ms. Patel


Feedback from Westminster City Council:

‘The team really enjoyed meeting all your students and found the experience rich and rewarding, they thought the students were very engaging and interesting and from this interaction they are now considering other options for engagement such as workshops and work experience. They are all keen to get more involved and have been spreading the work throughout their team.‘
John Nolan