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Headteacher's Easter blog - April 2019

Hello everyone

The recent Academic Review(ARD) was a huge success with a very high turnout - the few parents/carers who were unable to attend will be seen in catch up sessions as we believe that the partnership with you is crucial to the success of our students.

All students were given a clear picture of their current progress and what they need to do to achieve even more.

I would like to thank the parents/carers who contributed to the review of the school vision.

I want to congratulate the year 10 students on their recent work experience. We had some fantastic feedback from many employers about how our students performed during the two week period. Many of our students have come back even more inspired and excited about their futures.

As we enter the crucial Easter period for our examination students I will be reminding our students of a few things. I will remind them all of the importance of making the most of all the additional revision classes that the school is hosting and the importance of having a revision plan and sticking to it.

I also want to say to all students that they need to look after themselves physically and mentally during this potentially stressful period. Please ensure that you do the following: eat well, drink plenty of water, sleep well, have planned mental breaks, do some physical exercise and share your feelings with others. Try to reduce the amount of time spent on phones, tablets etc that is not work – related. If you are doing the best that you can then no-one can ask any more of you.

Our motto is to "Be the best you can be" and if you can say with hand on heart that you have done all that you can, attended all revision classes and sought as much support as possible then you have done what is expected of you.
I am as proud of a student whose best is a level and they achieve it as I am of someone who's best is a level 9.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy holy and peaceful Easter break. We will be having Easter Services on Thursday that will be largely led by our students.

Eugene Moriarty