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Cleveland Clinic Celebration at Hotel Café Royal

1653029035979 Abdel YDRI

Two year 12 students targeting the medical sector as a career, accompanied by the headteacher and our careers lead, joined an evening reception at Hotel Café Royal to celebrate the opening of the new Cleveland hospital in Grosvenor Place. An amazing opportunity which allowed them to meet a range of medical professionals, network and talk career. They had the opportunity to speak to Cleveland CEO Dr Brian Donley at length, but also to nurses, doctors and non-medical personnel and fully enjoyed their unique experience.

‘Wow - what a fantastic event. This was an experience unlike any other, and I feel privileged to have had the amazing opportunity to join the Cleveland team in celebrating their incredible achievements. Speaking to many healthcare professionals was enlightening because through gaining insight from those with more experience I was able to delve deeper into different aspects of medicine. This helped me broaden my understanding and gain an alternative perspective of the healthcare field. My highlight of the event is when I had the chance to speak to the CEO Dr Brian Donley, who told me that 'empathising with patients during their most troubling times' is at the heart of their work, which left a lasting impression on me. Having no doctors in the family, I found being able to socialise with many different professionals to be useful, but also an enjoyable experience. Again, I am extremely grateful to have had the honour to attend this event and very thankful for all the people who were able to bring it to life.’
Nasrien - Year 12 student

‘I got to say I loved this experience! Loved the people I got to meet (food and drinks too) and it really has taught me a lot. I learnt that there are multiple routes into medicine and enjoyed talking to the cardiac surgeon, hearing about his experience was interesting. The interpreters and VIPs that were there also spoke about their specific role, such as the importance of translation in healthcare.
Thank you so much Cleveland clinic for this opportunity, it is one I will never forget and thank you for encouraging us to become future medical professionals too.’
Hadi - Year 12 student