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Black History Month Library Quiz

Black History Month is in full swing at St Augustine's. Try our library quiz on black history. 

Where were the ‘Windrush’ generation from?

West indies
Costa Rica

At its height, what was the slave population in the U.S.?

4 Million
2 Million
1 million
6 Million

Which historical black nurse died in London in 1881 after saving many British soldiers during the Crimean War of 1855?

Mary Nightingale
Mary Seacole
Victoria Brown
Florence Nightingale

In what year did the Ship ‘HMT Empire Windrush’ first arrive in Britain from the Caribbean?


Who was the first Black Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Martin Luther King Jr.
Ralph Bunche
Nelson Mandela
Albert John Lutul

Where in the UK did the Ship called the Empire Windrush arrive?

Tilbury Docks

Who was the first Black musician to perform at the White House?

B.B. King
"Blind Tom" Wiggins
Louis Armstrong
Aretha Franklin

Who signed The Emancipation Act (end of slavery) in the US?

Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Andrew Johnson
James Buchanan

An American all-white jury acquitted J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant for the murder of whom?

Medgar Evers
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
Emmett Till

Who shot Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968?

John Wilkes Booth
Gavrilo Princip
James Earl Ray
Lee Harvey Oswald

Whose proposal that American Congress consider civil rights legislation culminated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Dwight Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King Jr.
Lyndon B. Johnson

Sarah Goode was the first black woman to receive a patent. What did she invent?

Hair Straightening System
Lip Stick
Dry-Cleaning Process
Folding Bed

Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. was the first black man to become what?

Army General

Who was the first black player to captain the England football team?

Laurie Cunningham
Paul Ince
John Barnes
Sol Campbell

According to the ship's passenger lists onboard the Windrush, more than half of the 1,027 listed official passengers on board were from where?

St Lucia