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Letter from Father Amos, Chair of Governors.

Dear Staff, Parents, Carers and students, You will be aware that conversations and consultation has taken place this year regarding the proposed Federation of St. Augustine’s CE High School with St. Augustine’s CE Primary School. I am pleased to inform you that the Governing Bodies of both schools have voted unanimously for this Federation relationship. The Department for Education has been informed and the expected date for Federation will be 1st September 2019.

I refer you again to the consultation documents as to what Federation does and does not mean (please see school website). Both Governing Bodies after consideration of all the facts believe that this is the best way forward for both schools and for all our students and their parents and carers.

Further good news comes in that Mr. Moriarty will be Head of the Federation. I am delighted to announce that Ruth Vince has been seconded from Highgate Primary School to be Head of Primary for 2019-20. Interviews are pending with a view to appoint a full time Assistant Head Teacher for the Primary School. Likewise the Senior Leadership Team of the High School is at full strength and both schools are recruiting for teachers as is always the case at this time of year. In many day to day senses it will be ‘business as usual’.

Both Governing Bodies will be working over the coming term and summer to ensure a smooth arrangement to become one Governing Body from 1st September.

As the Vicar of the parish I am grateful to all the immense hard work that has been undertaken by the governors of both schools, many staff members, parents who participated in the consultation, the London Diocesan Board for Schools and Westminster City Council in discerning and arriving at this vision for the future. It is one in which the St. Augustine’s family, vision and ethos can only grow stronger.

With my best wishes to you all,

Fr Amos
Chair of Governors.