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A Level/GCSE Autumn Exam Requests and Appeals

Ofqual, the organisation that overseas qualifications, will not allow students to challenge their grade.
However, Ofqual will allow the following:

  • A student to ask their centre to conduct a clerical check to see if the centre made an error when submitting a Centre Assessed Grade 
  • A student to raise a complaint to their centre if they have evidence of bias or that they were discriminated against 
  • A centre to appeal to an exam board on the grounds that the exam board used the wrong data when calculating grades, and/or incorrectly communicated the grades calculated

Requests related to the above should be made to only. The deadline to appeal errors is 10th September 2020. It will not be possible to process requests after this time. Ofqual does not anticipate there being a significant number of errors in awarding grades or appeals being made. The school will have analysed the results awarded to our students to ensure they are in line with expectations and approached the exams board if we feel there has been an error at a school level.

There will be an opportunity for students who are not satisfied with their summer grades to undertake exams in the autumn term. Students should take exams at the centre of their original examination entry, with the exception of GCSE maths and English Language which may be offered at other institutions. Students can only enter an exam in the autumn series if they were due to achieve a grade in that examination in summer 2020, no new entries are allowed. The following arrangements have been put in place:

A levels - Entries must be submitted by via email to only.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday 27th August 2020*

GCSEs - Entries must be submitted by via email to only.

GCSEs (except English Language & maths)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday 11th September 2020*

GCSEs in English language & maths only
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday 27th September 2020*

*As with most schools we require a week to process exam requests in order to meet the published exam board deadlines.