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Y10 RS GCSE Buddhism Trip

group pic Emily Bacon
The excursion to Jamyang Buddhist Centre was an exciting opportunity for our students to visit a Buddhist place of worship to develop a greater understanding about puja, prayer and meditation.

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Year 8 - Cadbury's World Globalisation Trip

This was a brilliant trip which has run after two years! This is a wonderfully mesmerising, interactive experience, explaining the origins of chocolate, as well as the fascinating history of the Cadbury family. It was a great experience getting students out of London and seeing a chocolate factory. There were some great workshops on where our chocolate comes from and how it is processed as well as Cadbury's delivering a workshop on how the company sources it's ingredients, branding and how it markets their products.

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Year 10 GCSE Geography Rivers Trip

Untitled 11
We had the perfect weather to visit the River Wye in High Wycombe with Year 10 GCSE Geography students on 10th June. It was a very hot day, so really enjoyed the outdoors!

The trip consisted of a look at the upland features of a river followed by two study sites where the pupils had to get wet and measure velocity, depth, sediment and gradient changes over distance from the source.

This is a key aspect of the river fieldwork that is required for the GCSE course. Students had a fabulous time getting in the river and also figuring out the measurements using various equipment. Students were quickly ‘in over their wellies’ by the time we reached further downstream at the second site of the River Wye.

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