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Year 11 Students experience Mock Job Interview with Mace and Murphy Group

Workskills students in year 11 took part in an online live job interview session as part of their vocational course. The workshop was organised by our business partners Construction Youth Trust, Mace - an International Consultancy & Construction Management company and Murphy Group– a specialist engineering and construction company.

Prior to the event, students learnt about how to prepare for a job interview in class with their Workskills teacher before being put to test in front of business volunteers who interviewed them to assess their skills, i.e. verbal and non-verbal. Students produced a CV and while being interviewed endeavoured to sell themselves for one of the two jobs advertised: An Assistant Receptionist or Multiskills Construction Apprentice.


Students’ feedback:

‘The best part was the feedback I had from the interviewer because it helped learn about what I can do to better myself next time I am interviewed. I really enjoyed the activity’

‘I benefited from taking part in the mock interviews because I know now what I am good at and what I have to improve on.’

‘The best part for me was getting feedback from the business, plus I have become more confident.’

‘I developed communication skills, problem solving, positive attitude, literacy and time management. Next time I would ask them if they would hire me.’

Madison Brownley (business volunteer from Mace):
‘It was a pleasure to assist with this session. The pupils were full of enthusiasm and did so well with their mock interviews.’


Mr Ydri (Workskills teacher):

‘As a school, we believe it is extremelly important to expose our students to the world of work and the reality out there: how competitive the job market is. I was really impressed by the interviewers who not only questioned my students but also taught them how to express and highlight their personal skills and experiences. Though there was a nervy feeling among my students at the start, I was pleased to see them buzzing with confidence at the end and asking for more business contacts.’