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Year 10 students debate conservation of animals at ZSL London Zoo

A group of year 10 students joined a workshop on conservation at ZSL London Zoo last week as part of Westminster Enterprise Week. The day started with a talk on conservation projects around the world and at London Zoo, followed by a hands on activity that saw students approaching different employees at London Zoo to enrich their knowledge of what is being done to protect animal species, then creating a Vlog and finally presenting before a panel of scientists. Students had to work collaboratively, were time-restricted and encouraged to think creatively when putting their digital message together.


Students’ feedback:
‘I found the workshop very interesting because I gained a lot of information about what ZSL is doing to protect animal from extinction, the threat to tigers caused by the shrinking of their habitat and poaching and the importance of recycling such as the benches in the Zoo made out of recycled plastic bottles. Rabih- Year 10


‘I was made aware of the damages people cause through pollution and how it causes the loss of habitat for certain species and put them at risk of becoming extinct. ZSL are doing everything they can to protect animals and the environment’ Joanna – Year 10


Feedback for ZSL London Zoo:
‘It was a pleasure talking to the students and hearing some of the facts they had picked up from around the zoo and the observations they had made. It was really refreshing to hear how aware they are of the issues our world is facing and what they can do to help.’ Sarah Parbery | Vocational Learning Officer | ZSL London Zoo

A big thank you to London Zoo staff and Westminster City Council.