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Teamwork skills workshop by Prince’s Trust

A few days ago, a group of year 10 students took part in a teamwork skills workshop delivered by Prince’s Trust. Tasks included reflecting on personal attributes, skills and positiveness as a way to success and how everyone’s contribution can lead to achieving more and strengthening their group project. Some students took this opportunity to present to our guest -Katie Webb Samuels their current individual research work - Global warming, catastrophic outcomes of wars and harmful consequences of bullying. Work completed will constitute part of their coursework for the module ‘Presentation Skills’ and counts towards gaining the Personal Development and Employability Skills award.

One of the students quoted: ‘The workshop was fun and got me to learn to work and communicate with other members of the group. I was also happy to show how confident I was when presenting my project to the group’.

Their next module is about money management and looks at the importance of saving, interest, budgeting, payslips, tax deductions and what they are for.

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 Students’ skills chain which includes each member’s personal qualities