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Opportunity to create a new part of The Science Museum!

An exciting opportunity for students (aged 13-16) to get involved with at The Science Museum – they will have the chance to create activities that will form part of a new technicians exhibition due to open in 2022 and be part of the museum for the next 10 years!

The Science Museum are keen to hear from young people who are not currently interested in science and/or museums. Please could you share this info with students who have lots of creative ideas, would benefit from getting involved/ would not usually take part in these types of activities and projects. It would also be beneficial to students who are interested in in design, technology, engineering or other technical roles (e.g. sound/lighting tech etc) – as they will be working directly with technical professionals.

Students have until 24th May 2021 to sign up via this link.



Science Museum Technicians Collab Summer 2021 1
Science Museum Technicians Collab Summer 2021 2