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Sensory Room

At St Augustine’s we are very proud to have a sensory room as a part of our provision, and it proves to be a vital part of our daily support programme. The sensory room acts as a calming space for pupils experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties. Schools can be noisy, busy places and for some, the sheer volume of stimuli can become be an overwhelming and challenging place. Therefore, our sensory room is a practical and effective way to provide a calming, safe and quiet space for pupils with Autism, students with other special educational needs or those who just need a place to ‘breathe’. It can be an exciting and rousing, or calm and relaxing environment, depending on the young person's needs. The décor of a sensory room includes muted colours, blankets, cushions, tipi tent, an exercise bike and bubble tubes. It does contain a choice of comfortable places to sit, a variety of interesting objects to examine, and also features a sound speaker to play calming sounds and music. It also helps children learn to manage their emotions in a controlled environment, without feeling they are being isolated or punished.