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Please see below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our application process. Should you have any further questions, please use the following contacts-

Mrs Hayman (Assistant Headteacher, Year 7)

Ms Brady (Pastoral Year Co-Ordinator, Year 7)

Mr Russell (Director of Learning, Year 7


Q1. Is it OK to apply even if I don’t live in Westminster?

A1. Yes – it does not matter what Borough you live in.  You can name St Augustine’s on your home borough’s on-line application.

Q2. What if I am not a Christian – can I still apply?

A2. Yes – St Augustine’s accepts applications from families who practice other religions and family who do not practice any religion

Q3. I live very close to the school so will my child be prioritised for a place?

A3. No – As a faith school St Augustine’s applies its Admissions Criteria – copies of this are available on our website or with the application packs.  Distance is only used as a ‘tie-breaker’ when several applicants meet the same criterion.

Q4. How do I apply?

A, You must name St Augustine’s High School as one of your choices on your Local Authority’s (ie. Westminster, Brent, Camden, etc) on-line / eAdmissions form.  These applications are processed according to your order of preference; the first school you name will be the first school your application is considered for then each following named school will be considered until your application is successful.   Only one offer is made. 

B, You must submit a Supplementary Information form and, if possible, a Clergy Form directly to St Augustine’s.  This provides the information needed to ensure your application is considered under the appropriate criterion.

 C, Your child must complete a banding test.  This is essential as St Augustine’s needs to ensure that we take an even number of children from each ability band. If we do not have a banding test result for your child this could affect the outcome of your application.

Q5. What other documents do I need to send in with my application?

  • As much information as possible if you are applying under medical or social grounds
  • Any information relating to religious practice; Clergy Form, Baptism/Dedication Certificate.
  • A photocopy of any proof of address, i.e. tenancy agreement, utility bill, etc
  • A photocopy of proof of identity – i.e. birth certificate

Q6. How can my child prepare for the test?

  • There is no need to prepare.  This is not a pass or fail test and the result will only be used to place each applicant into one of the ability bands.  Test results do not determine if your child is offered a place or not.   Parents do not receive the result.  All applicants will receive e-mailed information about the arrangements for the Banding Test. Therefore, it is essential that you provide a current and active e-mail contact address on your application.

Q7. When is the closing date?

A7. 31st October 2022 is the closing date for on-line applications with your Local Authority.  St Augustine’s forms should also be submitted by that date.  We will allow a little longer for the submission of Clergy Forms – but these must be received by the 30th November 2022.

Q8. What if I do not name St Augustine’s on my Local Authority’s  e-Admissions application?

A8. Schools cannot consider applications unless they have been named as a preference on the Local Authority’s Common Application Form (CAF).

Q9. What if I do not get my application in on time?

A9. Your Local Authority (LA) must be contacted as soon as possible – late applications can be accepted for specific reasons and must be before the LA’s cut-off date.  Applications after that date will not be considered until after the main round of offers made in March 2023.

Q10. How do I apply if my child has an Education Health Care Plan?

A10. You do not apply directly to St Augustine’s.  You must speak with your child’s primary school SENDCo or your Local Authority’s SEN Placements Team.